September 6

OK, this one will be short. I love Barcelona! Old, new, conservative, wild, fantastical, clean, efficient, polite...

Check it out...

Park Guëll
September 6

Park Guëll was another one of Gaudi's unfinished projects. Originally designed a planned development for 90 upscale homes atop a hill, only the administration building, caretaker's quarters, hypostyle hall supported park and some other public areas were completed.

Stroll around the park and check out the view...

La Sagrada Familia
September 7

Perhaps the most famous structure in all of Spain, the unfinished Temple Expiatori de la Sagrada Família cannot really be appreciated from photos alone. The first thing you realize when you come up from the subway station across the street is the immensity of the structure. Each bell tower stands over 100 meters tall. The central Nave was designed to hold a congregation in the thousands and the balcony, a chorus of 1500. It is an active constuction site with cranes and workers and noise and tourists and scaffolding. They say it will be completed in 2041...begun in 1882, it is a cathedral that is Medieval in both scale and time to complete.

Words won't do it here, so take a look for yourself.

Click here to view some panoramic images.

New Friends

You can't be on a ship with 2000 people and not make some new friends. Nor can you have 2000 gay men on a boat and not have a few costumes.

See the boat people!

And last...

When I travel to new and different place, I always try to find one subject that is common to all humanity, but unique in its particular context. This trip's subject was clothes hung out to dry. I found them in every city but Pompeii (which would have been a real surprise).

Here is my paean to laundry on my Mediterranean adventure...

Thanks for looking!


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